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    Randy Hayward - SLC Weekly

    "The BMP Pirate Radio Takeover Show CD just wants listeners to have a good time. It's that simple, clear concept 

    and the relentless Creativity of the collective, that makes Takeover a resounding success.”

    Randy Hayward - SLC City Weekly

    Raychel Johnson - Go! Section

    "Typically rappers now a days will just rap along to pre-recorded mixes and just bring a simple laptop on stage and push play. Some just lip sync, which is even worse. For BMP, true hip-hop includes two turntables, two identical vinyls and a DJ to chop it up and mix it live. “Without vinyl, without the DJ, Hip-hop would not exist!"

    Raychel Johnson, Go! Section

    Rachel Trotter - Standard Examiner

     “BassMint Pros album release comes with avalanche of creativity!" 

    -Rachel Trotter, Standard Examiner

    Ali Shimkus - SLUG MAGAZINE

    "BMP have set out to define hip-hop out of the Mountain West, and with their socially conscious comedy and 

    hip-hop, they definitely have achieved a trademark style.”

    Read the full Album Review Here

    Les Roka - The Utah Review

     “Good music is good music, regardless of the genre and we (BMP) like to push the envelope,” says Mad Max, one of 

    the four core members of the Bassmint

    Pros hip-hop collective, which makes its own mark on hip-hop with music 

    That epitomizes the Enligtenment many are working earnestly toward" 

    Read "Backstage at the Utah Arts Festival 2016: Bassmint Pros..." here

    Charles Davis III - WSU Signpost

     “BassMint Pros are a local music group that combines rock, hip-hop and everything in between"